So much to think about !- Microsoft Surface, Smartglass, Bing & Windows 8

imageSince working at Microsoft I don’t think there has been such an exciting time as at the moment for in the UK Partners in Learning Team. The recent plethora announcements of the latest innovations, have us very excited on how we ensure that they have a real impact on teachers and learners

Last night, (yes, I did stay up and watch the announcement ) Microsoft  revealed the amazing Microsoft Surface - a new family of computing devices. Surface, with Windows 8 will offer some amazing opportunities for education. Like many I suspect, I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

This great news along with the fact that  Windows 8 is on it’s way, have a look now by downloading the Windows Release Preview, and there has been a significant redesign of Bing that includes social search. There are also some amazing developments with XBox, in particular SmartGlass which will offer some amazing opportunities for teachers, I am really looking forward to the teachers in the K-Team getting their hands on it.

So keep tuned to  this blog and we will bring to you the developments as they happen in Partners in Learning .

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