Still the OneNote we love, just a better version

The OneNote Team at Microsoft, last week announced a more streamline experience for OneNote Windows users with one combined version of OneNote which encompasses all of the great features from both the Windows 10 app and OneNote 2016 Desktop version. This latest announcement comes as another example of how the Microsoft OneNote team is dedicated to enhancing our user experience and listening to us as educators and adapting their product to our needs.

In my many years as a OneNote user; training my own colleagues and other educators in various institutions around the UK, both new and old users of OneNote, I am always faced with the same barrier or frustration. Why are there so many different versions? Which one should I use? My response in the past was always it should be personal preference, and simply using OneNote to enhance productivity for staff and develop better learning outcomes for students was the main aim. Nevertheless it has always stood to be a point of confusion for some users and one that perhaps would put them off utilising this amazingly effective classroom tool.


Taking this feedback to heart, the OneNote team has thus created 'The Best Version of OneNote' promising a faster and more reliable OneNote. I'm sure, as in the past, this won't fail to disappoint and will continue to provide educators with a fantastic resource that quite simply will change the way they teach! So what does this mean for existing OneNote desktop users? As always, the OneNote team are there to help, in the fantastic article the OneNote team themselves outline the next steps for existing users and better still walk through some great previews of the amazing additional features you are set to gain.

Check out the full Office 365 blog post for the main announcement here where you can get your questions answered from William Devereux, Product Manager Lead for Microsoft OneNote or the Education blog version from Mike Tholfsen, Product Manager on the Microsoft Education team, building OneNote, Class Notebooks, Learning Tools & Microsoft Teams, again to get your questions answered here.

New to OneNote and want to get started? 

Organization, collaboration and ideation are easy with OneNote! If you're new to OneNote and ready to get started with this fantastic digital notebook that lets you type, write, draw, and more then click here for step by step actions to take.

Need OneNote for Windows 10 Help?

Moving across to the Windows 10 version of OneNote and looking for some support for how to navigate the new look app? Visit the dedicated OneNote support page for Windows 10 which will tell you all you need to know here.

The OneNote Team want to continue listening to your feedback and incorporating it into their future plans, so  add your feature request using the Feedback Hub. You can also join the Office Insider program for early access to the latest updates.

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