Top Educator 2– ‘Kodu in the Classroom’ by Nicki Maddams


Our next top educator, Nicki Maddams or otherwise famously knows as the Queen of Kodu will present her project, Kodu in the Klassroom at the 8th Global Partners in Learning Forum (Prague). Nicki’s project transforms the way we look at Kodu Game Lab for learning. From use with primary school children to aid literacy, to focusing on programming with game design in secondary schools, the versatile and engaging software has been used to teach, learn and inspire.

Learn more about Nicki’s project and why she is affectionately deemed as the ‘Queen of Kodu’ in her interview below.

MicrosoftPicWhat is your project about? As soon as I tried Kodu Game Lab I immediately saw its potential to enable my pupils to engage in programming in a way they have never had before. As an ICT teacher, it is important that I am teaching children the fundamental concepts behind computer programming. I began by writing a scheme of work and creating teaching resources to enable myself and other members of my faculty to begin teaching a game design project using the software.

I have since realised the potential of Kodu across the curriculum and have worked with primary school students on a literacy project focusing on the story-telling aspect of the games. I have also put on ‘Kodu Olympics’ at lunchtime, for which we gave out medals to the winners! Recently, I have been using the new Mars Rover feature of Kodu with my students. After sharing the resources on my blog, teachers from across the globe are now using them to teach their own pupils. I have also visited other schools and venues to teach children and train staff!


What was the inspiration for your entry? What inspires you as an educator?

I am passionate about computing and programming and when I discovered Kodu Game Lab I was inspired by how simple it was for children to get started with programming and game design. There is other software on the market but none that is so quick and easy with which to get started. The more I experimented with the software the more I discovered its full potential in a variety of different projects.

Check out Nicki in her very own Kodu world!

Why did you start using technology in your classroom?

Being an ICT teacher technology is an integral part of my role in school. It is important for me to be up-to-date with technology because in my subject we will already be teaching pupils to use tools which may, very well, be obsolete by the time they go into the world of work.

What do you hope to get out of the Global Forum?

It is a fantastic opportunity to network with a large range of like-minded educators. I am looking forward to hearing about everybody’s projects and sharing my own experiences in the classroom.

Nicki who teaches at Hartsdown Technology College, will present her project to over 500 education policy makers, education experts and press, school leaders and teachers  and compete for one of the 18 Global Innovative Education Awards. Please join us in wishing Nicki the best of luck for next week.

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