OneNote Class Notebook Top tip- Collaboration Space Permissions

The OneNote team our continuously dedicated to working with and listening to educators to learn how they are using OneNote Class Notebooks. With so many passionate and creative educators using these tools to save teachers time and enhance collaboration in the classroom, they are keen to keep improving the user experience.

Did you know one of these amazing new features is the ability to sub-divide the collaboration space and edit student permissions?  

Permissions in the Collaboration Space—Teachers can now sub-divide the Collaboration Space—based on student permissions that the teacher assigns for each section—into groups allowing project-based learning (PBL), among many other new scenarios. This new permission, located under the Manage Notebooks area of the Class Notebook, enables a teacher to create specific sections in the Collaboration Space assigned to specific students.

For example, say you have four groups of six students each. The teacher assigns each group of students to a specific section. Group 1 can work together in the Group 1 section, but cannot see that the Group 2Group 3 or Group 4 sections exist in the Collaboration Space. This is similar to how in Class Notebook students cannot see each other’s private notebooks.

Or, if you have four groups of six students each, then each group of students is assigned to a specific section. Group 1 can co-author in the Group 1 section but the teacher checks a read-only box so students can see the other groups, but cannot change anything in the Group 2Group 3 or Group 4 sections.

To find this setting for Class Notebooks created in Microsoft Teams, do the following:

  1. Open the Class Notebook Toolbar, or go directly to the app, and click “Manage Notebooks” ( )
  2. Scroll down to find “Co-owned notebooks”. Note: Any Class Notebooks created with Microsoft Teams will show up under “Co-owned notebooks” in the list
  3. Click Collaboration Space Permissions
  4. Details are in the animated GIF below


We hope you enjoy these improvements.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter at @OneNoteEDU or send us a mail at   

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