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Microsoft Partners in Learning Teacher Camps have been described by some teachers as ‘the best CPD they have ever had’. This is an open invitation to all Teachers in the YHGfL area to attend. So if you want to spend time with other innovative educators, exploring how technology can have a real impact on learning then this is an ideal event for you.

Camp YHGfL takes place at
Stanley St. Peter's CE (VC) Primary & Nursery School
in Wakefield.

This is a two day event, starting 10:00am - 3:30pm Thursday 6th and 9:30am to 4:00pm Friday 7th Dec 2012.

This event is free to attend.

Click here to register

What will I be doing at Camp?

We will give you training in using free Microsoft software to create teaching and learning resources for the classroom. You will have time to design, create and evaluate those resources and collaborate with others. This will include the fabulous visual games creation application , Kodu. You will also get the chance to speak to experts at Microsoft about our technology. In addition you will also be learning how to deliver the same training to colleagues in your own schools. These resources will take the form of screen capture videos, which we call Innovids. You can see examples of these on the Partners in Learning YouTube Channel –

How do I apply?

We don’t want videos or lengthy biographies from you, to apply for this free event,  Click here to register before the closing date 29th Dec. 

I am not an ICT teacher is it worth me applying?

Yes, most definitely, we are looking for classroom innovators in learning, rather than techie whizz kids. This event is targeted at those Teachers interested in teaching and learning, and how technology can support that, rather than the technology itself. This event is for teachers in Primary, Secondary and Special school settings.

What will I need to bring?

We expect you to bring some of the tools you are using already:

· a headset with a microphone or Headphones and a Microphone

· a laptop running Windows Vista or Windows 7,

· Office 2007 or 2010 (not essential)

· We will give you a the tools you need to install

What will I be expected to do?

We would like to create an innovid , . We will collect these resources and post them to our YouTube Channel and YHGfL website.

We will offer you support if you wish you recreate this course in your school

Not able to make the two days?

No problem , YHGfL be holding a Teachmeet  on the evening of 6th Dec. This is open event for any teachers and educators looking share some ideas about the best use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

You can find details here - .

So forget that Christmas shopping and come join us.

You can find more resources on the Partners in Learning Network – Join for free today.

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