Rugby School empowers its students’ creativity with the Surface Studio


Established in 1567, Rugby School is a thriving independent boarding school, which currently teaches over 800 pupils. Recently its design department adopted Microsoft Surface Studios to provide students with the most complete toolset available and were astonished by the impact this had on both performance and motivation. Pupils now enter the classroom excited to create and are feeling empowered, thanks to the most adaptable device on the market.

With the Surface Studio, students use every tool to perform at their peak and it's had a massive impact on their work.

“Before we were limited in what we could produce, now we can just create. My class is meeting deadlines faster, they’re able to create content at a faster rate and their level of work has improved massively,” explained Amy Farrelly, Teacher of Photography & Lens-based Media at Rugby School.

The high resolution screen, combined with tools such as the pen and dial, allow students to work in precise detail that wasn’t available to them in the past; they are now producing professional standard compositions as a result.

Georgia, a student at Rugby School said, “Now we can have so many more ideas because we know there are so many more options open to us.”

In addition, using a single operating system means the school can focus its time and not divert resources to other devices. This provides much stronger, unified IT support throughout the entire school for both students and teachers.

“If I could buy another 30, I’d buy another 30. It’s made that much difference both within our design department and from a technical point of view,” praised Andrew Waples, IT Director at Rugby School.

Amy Farrelly summed up the difference that Surface Studios have made to the school, “My kids can now produce truly fantastic, sleek works of art which are absolutely stunning. We just couldn’t have done this a year ago.”

If you’re ready to unleash creativity within your students, why not contact us and find out how you can drive better learning outcomes today through Microsoft Surface Studio?

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