Windows in the Classroom: Part 2 ‘Windows 8 reimagined, bringing learning to life’

The most significant difference between Windows 8 and what’s come before is the way users interact with it – and that’s incredibly important in an education setting.

Schools need technology that give learners the ability to create and think about education through the ages – writing, sketching, annotating and showing process have always been important. Windows 8 has been designed to be much more intuitive for both students and teachers.

Let’s take a look!

windows 8 6Windows 8 supports multiple inputs with touch, keyboard, cameras, mics and pen. And the non-compromise nature of Windows 8 devices means that schools no longer have to choose between a light mobile tablet that they can load with textbooks or a full PC laptop. They can have both, the mobility and ease of tablet with the power of a PC. This gives schools the ability to run full software programs that students need to write papers, make presentations and crunch numbers. Multitask, annotate and share.

Windows 8 delivers an experience that brings learning to life for students and helps schools build 21st century skills. Students and educators can choose a user experience that fits their needs, collaborate like never before, and they can do it all from just about anywhere. With Windows 8, the world is your classroom.

Start making learning personal.

  • Personalize your Windows 8 experience to meet your needs – whether you’re a student or an educator.
  • Customize the Start screen by pinning your favourite people, apps, study notes, and homework assignments.
  • Picture passwords let you combine a picture with a unique set of gestures to create a truly unique password.
  • Sign in to any of your Windows 8 devices and instantly see your profile, settings, and apps.

windows 8 6Get immersed in education.

  • Browse the full range of education apps in the Windows Store. From note taking to lesson planning, there’s an app designed for every student and educator need.
  • Live tiles draw you in and deliver relevant information right up front.
  • Multitask and increase productivity by leveraging both apps and the desktop experience. Docking apps side by side makes it easy to research and write a report simultaneously.

Connect in entirely new ways.

  • Go anywhere and stay connected with built-in apps like Mail, Calendar, Photos, Messaging, SkyDrive and more.
  • With cloud connectivity, Windows 8 provides an anytime, anywhere learning experience across a range of different devices, both in and out of the classroom.
  • With Windows To Go, you can turn any computer into your computer. Sign in and boot up your complete Windows 8 experience directly from a USB flash drive.

penEnjoy flexibility built in.

  • Windows 8 provides the convenience of a tablet with the productivity of a PC.
  • Optimized for a touch experience, Windows 8 is equally comfortable with keyboard and mouse, or pen computing with a stylus.
  • Windows 8 can easily connect to nearly any device or peripheral. Print, access homework from a USB, or project a presentation in a snap.

Do more. Worry less.

  • Windows 8 provides a more secure learning experience wherever you choose to do your schoolwork.
  • With Smart Screen, Windows 8 PCs check new apps or websites so you’re safer from malware and viruses, no matter what browser you’re using.
  • Web browsing can be easily monitored to ensure safety and privacy online.

The charms in Windows 8 give everyone in education quick and easy access to the features, functions, and actions that they use every day. From simplified and easy sharing to powerful searching literally at your fingertips, Windows 8 really has been reimagined for learning. Learn more about Windows 8 at


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