Closing the Gender Gap in technology

A longstanding issue is the need for more women to become involved in STEM, with hosts of research finding a lack of uptake from girls for a career in STEM not just in the UK but around the world. So with this issue in mind, we focus on Technology and EdTech to see how this fits into the skills gap. Is there a reason so many girls shy away from careers in Technology? Is this perhaps fostered by the lack of Women prominent in these fields to provide good role models? Interesting questions which could initiate many debates.

Introducing #WomenEd, a grassroots network composed of women leaders across all education sectors. #WomenEd empowers women leaders to choose their next leadership step by connecting existing and aspiring women leaders to run regional, national and international events. #WomenEd develops teams of leaders, celebrates the successes of women leaders and works collaboratively with key partners.

Following on from this, we have the #WomenEd and Microsoft UK Partnership, cultivated to help bridge the gender gap between women and technology. Microsoft as a company recognises the need to do more in Education and already hosts a whole range of CPD resources and initiatives which tackle the challenges of involving women in EdTech. #WomenEd provides a voice to spread the word about the use of Microsoft technologies in Education, focusing on  four opportunities for digital learning.

Visit the WomenEd page on the Microsoft Educator Community to find out more. 

Kirsty Tonks & Vivienne Porritt spoke about women and their opportunities in the education sector at Bett 2018 on behalf of Microsoft, see the highlights video below.

Get involved in the #WomenEdTech movement by following on Twitter and celebrating your use of technology in Education!

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