PowerPoint Power Up #5 –ZoomIT

It’s about time I returned to my passion, (or as some are referring to it, my obsession) for highlighting how brilliant Microsoft PowerPoint is. If you have missed my previous posts you can find them here.

When presenting it would be really useful to zoom in and navigate around to highlight a section of text, diagram or photo on a slide. A great little application from Microsoft  called ZoomIT, provides this functionality. Not only for PowerPoint, but for any application running in Windows. ZoomIT runs in the background and using a combination of key strokes you are able to control its various functions.


Key combinations Action
CTRL+1 To active/deactivate Zoom Function
Arrow keys or Mouse Wheel To zoom in and out
Use the mouse to move around  
CTRL+2 operates a series of simple drawing tools. Click options in ZoomIT to find all the functions
To type in drawing mode Press t
To change text/pen colour press r for red, b for blue etc
To change drawing shape in drawing mode Press Shift = straight line
Press CTRL = rectangle
Press Tab = ellipse
Press Shift+CTRL = arrow
To save zoomed notes CTRL+C = Copy notes
CTRL+S = Save notes

Another great and useful feature is ZoomIT includes a timer. Run ZoomIT and enter the time you want. Then to activate press CTRL+3. This is can be used not just in PowerPoint but in any activity.

All this from  a free 256 kilobytes, great stuff. – Download here

For a great overview of ZoomIT, Check out this video on our YouTube channel from Kristian Still - http://www.kristianstill.co.uk/wordpress/

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