Annotating Books in Windows Edge Browser

Did you know you have a whole lot of new ways to personalize your books when you’re reading in Microsoft Edge with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

Budgets in schools can be extremely tight and we want our students to have access to high quality texts and opportunity to engage with them to demonstrate a clear knowledge and understanding. Having to photocopy a text can be extremely time consuming with students losing parts of the text and their notes getting lost. A simple transition to utilizing Books in the Edge browser has never been an easier solution for saving teachers time and enhancing student learning outcome.

Annotate your books in Microsoft Edge

You can add highlights in four colors, underline, add comments or copy text. To see the menu with these options, simply highlight the preferred word or sentence with your mouse or finger. You can also select the Cortana icon from the same menu to find more information about the content you are reading without leaving the reading experience.

Get started by downloading a book to personalize from the Books section in the Microsoft Store, and head over here to learn more about what’s new in the Fall Creators Update, or how to get the update!

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