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BETT 2018 saw thousands of educators flood to the Microsoft Campus and a popular session in our Microsoft Training Academy was looking at 'Maximising Office 365'. In case you missed it here are some of the updates that were released  in January at Bett for Sway and Forms:


Something we hear frequently from teachers is a desire to share student learning experiences with parents. Sway has been a popular choice for many teachers making it easy and time efficient to share learning in the form of pictures, videos, documents, and more. We have listened to feedback and made some improvements that were made available very recently. Teachers now have the ability to brand their newsletters with school logo and branding color support and can track parent engagement with analytics. And the next newsletter will be that much easier with the new ability to create a custom Sway template.


Sway 1.png

Sway 2.png

Sway 3.png


Teachers use Microsoft Forms to create quizzes, polls, or surveys. They can quickly create a survey or quiz in just a few minutes, send to students to fill out on any device, and see the results in real time. Listening to millions of users’ voices, and leveraging latest Microsoft technology, we improved Microsoft Forms to be more collaborative and productive, by adding the following top-requested capabilities. For the full #BETT2018 blog entry from the Forms team, go here.

  • New question types: Teachers can ask students to correctly order items in a list, ask students to self-report, or develop and iterate through a grading rubric using our new ranking and Likert controls. (see more)
  • Education Resources (preview) in Microsoft Forms allows teachers to use professionally-created, standards-aligned assessments in their classes. (see more)
  • New collaboration features allow easier viewing and sharing of the Forms created in through Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Office 365 groups. (see more)
  • Integration with PowerPoint (under development): Forms’ integration in PowerPoint will allow teacher to easily insert a quiz to a PowerPoint deck, adding to Forms’ integration with Excel, OneNote and Sway. (see more)
  • Administrator control: Administrators will have clear controls over sharing Microsoft Forms outside the organization. (see more)Forms1.png

Ian Woolner, Microsoft 365 Specialist for Education spoke about some of the Office 365 tools at Bett 2018 and how they will impact creativity and learning in the classroom.

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