Bill Gates is a Partner in Learning, are you….?

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Last month, we were quite excited to have Bill Gates join Anthony Salcito on Daily Adventures. Gates revealed a genuine sincerity towards improving teaching and learning and specifically a need for a personalised approach to technology in education. His interview was clear in concept and direction, highlighting the challenge and opportunity for PiL is to continue to be a learning organisation as it works to empower educators and their students.

Here’s an extract from the full interview:

thCA618XOPANTHONY SALCITO: You helped launch Partners in Learning 10 years ago. Do you remember what your early goals were for the program?

Bill GatesBILL GATES: As a leader in the technology industry, we were thinking quite a bit in the late 1990s and early 2000s about how we could improve education on a global level. We knew education was the cornerstone of social and economic opportunity. We understood from previous initiatives that just giving away software or offering computer training courses wouldn’t enable the kind of changes needed. We also recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work with a global initiative. So the goal with Partners in Learning was to create an integrated set of resources that could be tailored locally to increase technology access for schools, encourage innovative approaches to pedagogy and professional development for teachers, and provide education leaders with the tools to envision, implement, and manage change.

thCA618XOPANTHONY SALCITO: Microsoft was founded on what was at the time a bold vision for a PC in every home and on every desk. We’re still working to make this a reality globally…but projects are growing broadly in education with rise of tablets and 1:1 computing. What are you most excited about regarding impact on learning with this trend?

Bill GatesBILL GATES: When done right, technology can definitely help teachers be more effective and make learning more interesting. We’re seeing an explosion in the use of the Internet to broadcast and post teacher lectures and curriculum. The next step is teasing out the best of that. There are huge opportunities to create more engaging and interactive ways of learning, including personalized learning that gives students and teachers important real-time feedback. “Blended learning” that combines the best parts of classroom teaching and online learning is still a work-in-progress, but an important and exciting one. And we’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the use of social networks to increase collaboration among and between teachers and students. We are in an extraordinary period of change in education. My hope and expectation is that PiL will continue to push the frontier over the next five years as it has over the last decade.

So, are you a partner in learning?

Check out this innovid created by Angie Gardner, from Hull City Learning Centre, who demonstrates how easy it is to join more than 4 million teachers,  in 119 countries on

Created by Angie Gardner, from Hull City Learning Centre.
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