Windows in the Classroom: Part 4: The magic of Windows 8 to Go for Schools

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Windows 8 also sees the availability of Windows to Go – think of Windows to Go as a snapshot of your computing environment that you carry with you wherever you go and on whatever computer you are using.

Using Windows To Go, users can travel light without sacrificing productivity, schools can enable new “Bring Your Own PC” scenarios, and staff can get up and running faster with more security.

Windows To Go enables IT administrators to provide users with a standard school Windows image that can include frequently used apps, settings, and school data on a compatible USB storage device. Users can boot and operate Windows To Go from any school or personal PC (Windows 7 or Windows 8 logo-certified), and continue to get a rich and consistent Windows 8 experience.

Here’s a great 2 minute overview of Windows 8 To Go by Mark Reynolds, Schools Business Manager (South), providing some ways it might be used in schools:


Additional how to videos are available via our IT Heads Up channel.


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