Creativity and Paint 3D @ Microsoft Training Academy, BETT 2018

Visit the Microsoft Training Academy for daily sessions run by  our Microsoft Learning Consultants & Innovative Educators giving you a hands-on opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest tools that are being delivered to drive student and teacher outcomes, hosted on the Microsoft Campus at stand E300 throughout each day - with repeated sessions so you won’t miss out!

Session Overview

Paint 3D has unlocked the heart of Student creativity in the classroom and this is your chance to get hands on by creating your own 3D models and place them within Mixed Reality in the classroom. Follow along with the basic features and learn how you can use them within a learning context.

Hear from presenter Jose Kingsley Davies, Microsoft Learning Consultant for why not to miss this exclusive Microsoft Training Academy session.


Why you should attend the session?

Attend this session to find out more about creating simple 3D models, edit them and place them into Mixed Reality. Browse through lesson plan and ideas via the Microsoft Educator Community and unlock student’s creativity!

How it will impact your institution?

Using Paint 3D will allow STEAM and Virtual Learning to compliment an institutions curriculum by adding 3D experiences to truly engage students. By building 3D models, students transform their ideas and theory into experience and understanding.

What you will take away as the next steps?

After this session, Educators can explore the power of experimental learning. Empowering students to learn principals and master behaviours through active experimentation. With virtual learning, they can better understand academic concepts and bring them to life.

Visit the Microsoft Experience Bett 2018 page to find out more and get signed up.

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