Learn how to maximise your use of Office 365 @ Microsoft Training Academy, BETT 2018

Visit the Microsoft Training Academy for daily sessions run by  our Microsoft Learning Consultants & Innovative Educators giving you a hands-on opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest tools that are being delivered to drive student and teacher outcomes, hosted on the Microsoft Campus at stand E300 throughout each day - with repeated sessions so you won’t miss out!

Maximizing Office 365 - leveraging OneNote, Sway and Forms-Wednesday-Saturday 12.00pm and 3.30pm

Session Overview

Office 365 is being used by educators all around the globe in a variety of institutions, but does everyone utilise it's full potential? This session gives a chance to get hands on with Office 365 to see how you can maximise the use of amazing tools such as OneNote, Sway and Forms to unlock productivity for your staff and students. Explore these tools in our classroom environment to see how you can integrate the basic features and learn how you can use them as a fantastic tool to embed digital technologies within a learning context.

Hear from presenter Kristy Hill, Microsoft Learning Consultant for why not to miss this exclusive Microsoft Training Academy session.

Why you should attend the session?

To find out how you can maximise your use of Office 365 to be effectively used as an integrative classroom tool. Learn about the latest and greatest features in OneNote, Sway and Forms and how these work seamlessly together in the Office 365 environment. Better yet, the great thing about Office 365 is it allows you as educators and students to access learning anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

How it will impact your institution?

Office 365 is free to all educational institutions and simple to use with collaborative tools that will enhance learning outcomes for all users and embed technology to help digitally transform your institution. 

What you will take away as the next steps?

Practical solutions for how you can utilise various tools within Office 365 and use these together in a blended approach as an exciting, engaging and collaborative classroom resource. 

Visit the Microsoft Experience Bett 2018 page to find out more and get signed up.

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