Confused about GDPR? Find out all you need to know @ Microsoft Learn Live Theatre, Bett 2018

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Three solutions to support you to manage GDPR - Wednesday-Saturday at 1.30pm and 5.00pm

Session Overview

The GDPR comes into force on May 25th 2018. Doing nothing is not an option and the impact on schools is significant and wide ranging. The GDPR has an impact on data and information flows for 'hard' data such as paper documents as well as digital data. Organisations need to have documented all their processing activities and evaluated the risks of those processing activities given the rights and freedoms of natural persons. 9ine are leaders in supporting schools to understand the governance, data protection and cybersecurity / data security obligations of the regulation. Within the sessions Mark will deliver he will give a practical guide given the requirements of the GDPR through practical examples of processing activity of schools.

Hear from presenter Mark Orchison, Managing Director, 9ine Consulting for why not to miss this exclusive Microsoft Learn Live Theatre session.

Why you should attend the session?
Any school leader with a management responsibility. The GDPR will affect you in ways you may not have expected.

How it will impact your institution?
The GDPR is likely to have a significant working practice change on your organisation, affecting information flows, physical security and cybersecurity.

What you will take away as the next steps?
You will learn where to go for accurate support, will be provided with access to relevant tools and help for your compliance journey.

Check out the 10 Steps to Cyber Security document here for some top tips: NCSC-10-Steps-To-Cyber-Security-NCSC

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