MIEE Spotlight- Alan O’Neill

Today our MIEE Spotlight focuses on the work of Alan O'Neill, Lecturer in Computing and IT at Dundee and Angus College (D&A) on the east coast of Scotland.

Alan is able to support the students he teaches with a wide range of technologies which includes Office 365, OneNote (including Class
Notebook and the Learning Tools), Sway, Office Mix, Imagine, our IT Academy and more. He has fully embraced the use of Microsoft in Education and regularly uses the Microsoft Educator Community for his own CPD and is being to explore the Skype in the Classroom element to extend the reach of his students beyond the classroom walls. With a core focus upon 21st Century Learning, Alan is dedicated to using tools such as OneNote Class Notebooks to engage his students and enhance their learning outcomes. He also provided online, interactive reference work via Sway and quick quizzes using Forms. Alan aims to continue sharing his best practice with colleagues and strives to improve the life chances of the students he impacts.

You can follow on Twitter @Group_Tutor to keep up to date with the amazing work he is doing using Microsoft technologies at Dundee and Angus College.

Interact with the Sway below to see how  uses Microsoft products in his own words!

Follow in the footsteps of our fantastic MIEE's and learn more about how Microsoft can transform your classroom with the Microsoft Educator Community.

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