MIEE Spotlight- Kirsty Park

Today we shine our MIEE Spotlight on Kirsty Park an enthusiastic PE teacher at Microsoft Showcase School, St Mungo's High School.

Kirsty is a keen user of digital technology to complement her teaching and enrich the experience of learners. She is a regular user of OneNote Class Notebooks to make resources easily accessible to her students, provide formative feedback and access learning at home. In addition, she found Microsoft Forms to be a valuable tool to question and collate opinions from parents, pupils and colleagues as part of her NQT Practioner Enquiry in PE. Kirsty aspires to become a key figure in the digital learning journey and aims to continue to share her expertise and support learners and colleagues in the development of crucial 21st century life skills in the digital world.

You can follow @MissParkPE on Twitter  to keep up to date with the amazing work she is doing using Microsoft technologies.

Interact with the Sway below to see how Kirsty uses Microsoft products in PE!


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