Make your New Year’s Resolution opening up the hearts and minds of your students with Skype in the Classroom

As we return to school and embark upon the new year, we encourage educators to make it one of change in which they embark upon new opportunities to inspire their students and enhance their learning opportunities. Skype in the Classroom provides an easy and free opportunity to do just this, opening up your classroom walls and taking your students on exciting adventures.

Skype in the Classroom is completely free to educators and experts around the world to connect and share learning experiences using the standard free version of Skype. As part of the Microsoft Educator Community- a place for educators to learn, connect and share- all you need to do to participate is register on the Microsoft Educator Community, download Skype and create a Skype account. Once signed up you can browse content and use the filters to find the perfect learning activity for your students, then request a session. Skype in the Classroom has hundreds of Guest Speakers, and learning activities which bring the curriculum to life, as your students interact live with experts and virtually visit many exciting places in the world.

Visit the Microsoft Educator Community and sign up now to get started

See how Skype in the Classroom has transformed the way Skype Master Teacher, Victoria Ben Ghalba from St Joseph's Primary School, teaches as she shares her journey in the video below.

Visit the Microsoft Educator Community today to register and become involved in Skype in the Classroom.

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