Want to become a Microsoft School? Start your Digital Transformation Today

Transformation is never easy, but Microsoft have put together technology tools that can help along the way allowing your school to smoothly embark upon a Digital Transformation journey.

The first step along the way is to build a school transformation framework and you can easily utilise Microsoft's 'School Transformation Toolkit' to map out the process of leading your school’s move into a digital environment.

Ten critical components of school transformation

There are ten components of transformation that you need to consider. They fall into two categories - Leadership and policy, and 21st century pedagogy.

Leadership and policy

1. Establishing a vision







2. Partnerships and capacity building for change







3. Organizational capacity, strategic planning and quality assurance






4. Inclusion, accessibility and sustainability







21st century pedagogy

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5. Personalized learning







6. Teacher and leader capacity







7. Curriculum and assessment







8. Developing a learning community







9. Physical learning environments







10. Designing technology for effective and efficient schools







Visit our dedicated School Transformation page for more information and to start your school's journey today!

Digital Transformation Success Story

See how putting this plan into action can dramatically turn around your school in the story of our Microsoft Training Academy, Danesfield School below.

To improve student performance, Danesfield School transformed their educational vision to centre around the effective use of technology. Danesfield brought more computers into classrooms and gave teachers training and access to the Microsoft Educator Community for professional development. This digital transformation was driven by Sarah Morgan, a passionate woman leader, who empowered her staff to learn at their own pace and discover ways to enhance teaching and learning through technology.

''At the heart of our new approach sits technology,” says Sarah Morgan, Headteacher at Danesfield School. “Not technology as an end itself, but as a facilitator for creative approaches, collaboration, personalized learning and professional development.”


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