MIEE Spotlight- Scott Duncan

Today's MIEE Spotlight focuses on Scott Duncan, Head of Social Subjects and RME at The Waid Academy in Fife, Scotland.

Keen to embrace the opportunities of technology to enhance teaching and learning, Scott actively uses Office 365 via Glow across the school. He is extremely passionate about the use of Microsoft products and technology to engage young students in learning and enable them to achieve more, with a key view that Digital Literacy will ensure they are equipped for learning in the future. He utilises his extensive experience in training with Microsoft technologies and eagerness to be an early adopter of new technology to drive his influence with colleagues and pupils.

Embedded in his day to day teaching, Scott uses digital technologies such as Yammer and Team sites to build collaborative working environments for both staff and pupils. He has also encouraged the use of Skype Virtual Field trips to enhance the Geography curriculum. With his passion for embracing the possibilities of technology, Scott is a great inspiration to both his students and fellow colleagues.

You can follow @ScottDuncanRME on Twitter to keep up to date with the amazing work he is doing at The Waid Academy.

Interact with the Sway below to see how Scott is utilising Microsoft technologies in his own words below!

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