MIEE Spotlight- Christopher Gerrard

Today our MIEE Spotlight is on Chris Gerrard, Head of Support for Learning at The Edinburgh Academy.

Chris is a passionate educator who uses Microsoft products every day, no matter what device he is using, saving all his files on OneDrive. A OneNote lover, Chris believes OneNote Class Notebook to "be the single best piece of software available for use in education today and would be lost without it!" He regularly uses OneNote and Sway with his students and has also incorporated Skype to raise the aspirations of his students. Chris is eager to keep up with the continual advances in Microsoft technologies and share his expertise with colleagues as a pioneer so that Office 365 can continue to be at the centre of their IT provision at The Edinburgh Academy.

You can follow @cgerrard02 on Twitter  to keep up to date with the amazing work he is doing using Microsoft technologies.

Interact with the Sway below to see how Chris uses Microsoft products in his own words!

Follow in the footsteps of our fantastic MIEE's and learn more about how Microsoft can transform your classroom with the Microsoft Educator Community.

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