Point2Player from Point2Educate FREE to download and use NOW!

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The Point2Player from Point2Educate can now be downloaded and used in your school entirely freely.  It provides access to the Naace ICT Framework Toolkit, Microsoft's Learning Suite and a range of other content without having any impact on your budget.

Naace and Point2Educate:

Naace and Point2Educate are working together to provide primary and secondary schools with free access to a wide range of Open Source software tools and other resources to support the Naace ICT Curriculum Framework. The Framework can be used by schools to audit their current provision for ICT and to plan any changes that may be needed in order to deliver a full, broad and balanced ICT curriculum with clear progression from EYFS to Key Stage 3.

Microsoft and Point2Educate:

The Learning Suite by Microsoft is a set of innovative applications for education that create a robust, creative and collaborative learning environment for students and educators. These tools are now freely available to you from within the Point2Player, making them even easier to access. Microsoft group these tools into four categories aligned to how you work: Create, Colloborate, Research & Study and Teach. To make the best use of these tools and resources, sign up for the Partners in Learning Network here

There’s more…

Point2Player have eighteen educational Open Source software titles available for immediate use including Hot Potatoes, Libre Office and Scratch.  They also provide direct links to a range of free online tools for schools, including Office 365 and Microsoft SkyDrive. Once you've tried the Point2Player and had the chance to assess the value it offers, you may be interested in other software and resources that they offer.  If so, you'll find the eStore built into the Player, so that you can order and then start using your purchase immediately.

What next? First take a look at the Getting Started Guide here.

Want to download and install it now? Get started…. Download it now..

You can find out more about the range of programmes Microsoft Partners in Learning offers by joining for free at www.pil-network.com
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