Key Stage 1–AutoCollage Competition–South West Grid for Learning

The South West Grid for Learning is proud to announce a brand new competition in collaboration with Microsoft Partners in Learning for schools in the South West of England.
With support from West Town Farm and Love Local Food this promises to be a colourful, creative and exciting competition. With the theme of ‘Seasonal and Local Food’, we are looking for students in KS1 to create a collage of pictures to represent their ideas of what is ‘seasonal and local’ to them.

    Need inspiration?

  • Local produce ... Will it feature bananas ... probably not!

  • Seasonal food ... Will it be spring peas, summer fruits, autumn squashes or winter parsnips?

  • Seasonal weather ... Rain, sun, snow? with the weather we have had, mostly rain!

  • Seasonal colours ... Leaf colours, flower colours, sky colours?

We will be running this competition from 7th January 2013 - 28th March 2013, with judges from West Town Farm and Love Local Food helping us to decide the winner(s).
The winning student(s) will be rewarded with their images being published in an on line collection of seasonal recipes being produced by Love Local Food, along with an invitation for them and their class to visit West Town Farm for free and cook some seasonal food over a fire. They will also win a Digital Camera for their school.

So, what’s the next step? You can visit Microsoft Partners in Learning to download AutoCollage. It’s free! You can find help on AutoCollage on our YouTube channel . Here is an example:-

Using AutoCollage as a starter activity

Top Tipimage

AutoCollage uses facial recognition to focus on a particular part of the image. This is going to be difficult when using of flowers, fruits and clouds. But, this is easily solved with AutoCollage. Firstly, make sure the option to allow manual facial detection is enabled. Find this by clicking Options. Next Select an image , by clicking on it, it will enlarge. Next, press CTRL key and click and drag to draw a yellow box to select the area or object you want to focus on.

Now start your students making amazing collages! It’s that simple. The most exciting, innovative, creative entries will then be judged and the winners announced!    

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