MIEE Spotlight- Lee Fallin


Today's MIEE Spotlight highlights the work of Lee Fallin, Learning Developer at Hull University supporting students with their use of technology in their studies.

Lee is a passionate user of technology who 'practices what he preaches', using OneDrive as cloud storage, LinkedIn as a professional network, Windows 10 as OS, Office 365 as document creativity platform, OneNote as a notebook and Skype for video conferencing. Making YouTube tutorial videos, Lee supports students in using Microsoft tools to achieve what they need.

At a time when students digital skills are at a shortage, Lee is ensuring that his institution leverages the full potential of Office 365 to bring efficiencies and that he disseminates his skills across academic colleagues and students alike. In a large University institution this is a huge digital transformation, albeit one that Lee is eager to embark upon with his colleagues. 

You can follow @LeeFallin on Twitter  to keep up to date with the amazing work he is doing being an advocate for Microsoft technologies at Hull University.

Interact with the Sway below to see how Lee is winning with Microsoft technologies in his own words below!

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