We’re back and with great news – Teaching Award winner – Gareth Ritter

Thanks you all for your kind comments regarding our experiment of merging the Schools and Teachers blog. Many of you felt it was a good idea, as you were able to see the full range of offerings from the Microsoft Education Team. But, the majority, like David Rogers from Priory Community School felt that whilst it’s great to see that, most teachers want great practical advice and examples in the use of technology in learning and teaching, without having to look for that amongst other information. So that’s why we are back and prepared to meet that need.

So lets start with a great story of how a teacher who discovered Partners in Learning through this blog. Gareth Ritter from Willows High School in Cardiff has won the most outstanding use of technology in in Education in Wales and joins four other exceptional teachers in the National teaching awards, which will be announced in October.

What the Teaching Awards judges said about Gareth:
"There is no doubt that Gareth is an exceptional Music teacher who is making a vast difference not only in the teaching of his subject but to student's lives, colleague's development and the whole school ethos.
Gareth has made a significant impact on the whole school community, through his innovative teaching methods and technological creativity. He has an innate ability to understand the needs of his students and, not only skilfully uses technology in his subject to engage and motivate his students in studying music, but as way to show them how they can achieve success in other subjects and in the life!

Gareth adds this award to his Partners in Learning Global Award, which he won at our Global Forum in Washington DC in 2011. From this video you see Gareth’s enthusiasm and passion for his work and students.

Award winning teacher Gareth Ritter

Gareth describes working with Partner in Learning as ‘the best CPD I have ever had’, you can start your CPD journey by joining the Partners in Learning at www.pil-network.com – Join for free today

Please join me in congratulating Gareth by leaving a comment below.

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  1. David Rogers says:

    Well done Ritter!! Got to be meeting the Queen next for a gong? 😉 well deserved and well

    Supported From Stuart and the team.

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