We all love Kodu, now tell us why! – get a free copy of ‘Kodu for Kids’

Kodu has been one the great successes we have had in Partners in Learning this year. Over 71k downloads in the UK, over 400 students have entered the Kodu Kup UK, teachers, like Nicki Maddams have won awards with for their work with Kodu and 100s of teachers have said how fantastic Kodu is to teach programming and computational thinking. But, with everything else in life its hard cold facts that count.

Kodu1So we would like to invite you to complete a simple survey asking you your thoughts about Kodu and our KoduKup UK..

Click this link to complete the survey.



This will assist Microsoft in understanding your school's use of this visual programming language and games lab environment which allows students from KS2/3 upwards to design and build three dimensional games using either a PC or an XBox and XBox controller. KODU for Kids

For every completed survey Microsoft Partners in Learning UK will send you a FREE copy of the amazing 528 page book 'KODU for Kids', saving you over £18.**


** Offer only available to UK Schools. One book per school.

Join the Partners in Learning Network today – www.pil-network.com

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  1. MysteryGuest says:

    I think this game really has some effort put into it. Really great job one the graphics and gameplay. Nice work kodu. Pleased with what you've done with this game. Thanks for sharing this with everyone here.

    Nice Game,


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