MIEE Spotlight- Roxanne Gregory

Today's MIEE Spotlight is on the amazing Roxanne, an enthusiastic Mathematics Teacher at our Microsoft Training Academy, Shireland Collegiate Academy.

Roxanne uses Microsoft technology as a core infrastructure to her classroom practice. Utilising Shireland's 1-1 Microsoft Surface deployment, students access Class sites through SharePoint or Microsoft Teams to allow them to collaboratively work both inside and outside the Academy. Roxanne participated in 'Project Tetra' using Office 365 as a core platform during the research into practically adaptive learning. Using class sites to share content, hold class discussions, mark work and provide feedback and assign flipped homework all form part of Roxanne's daily teaching as a Mathematics teacher.

Roxanne is dedicated to ensuring that she continues to enthuse colleagues about the use of technology in the classroom as well as discovering more innovative methods to use within her own practice. As a MIEExpert she uses the CPD network that this provides to support her in achieving these goals.



You can follow @MrsRGregory on Twitter  to keep up to date with the amazing work she is doing to engage her students in Mathematics using digital technology at Shireland.

Interact with the Sway below to hear more about Roxanne's development and classroom practices in her own words!


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