A Closer Look at Our Kodu Kup Finalists

As you have probably seen already, last week we announced our Kodu Kup Finalists. The judging process was very close and due to the standards being so high we even ended up selecting eleven finalists instead of the ten we had originally planned.


We have an exciting day at Microsoft HQ planned for all of them next Friday in which they will each get to present to our panel of judges, as well as have the opportunity to play each other’s games and take a look around Microsoft HQ!

Now, just for fun we have uploaded each of their games to the Kodu Game Lab website so you all have an opportunity to imageplay their games. The link here will take you to the full list. Once you have played some of the games it would be great if you or your students could leave some comments as feedback and even rate them using the star-ratings on the site. Remember, this is just for fun and will have no effect on the final decision made by the judges on the day!

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