Knowing you Knowing MIEE !–What are Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts ?

Through out this blog we have introduced you to some outstanding teachers, Such as :- Nicki Maddams, Dan Roberts, Gareth Ritter and Ollie Bray. These teachers joined us through what was then called the Innovative Teachers programme or the Partners in Learning Teachers Programme. Well our branding department has been working overtime and these guys would now be called ‘Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts ’, as the new name that we use in Partners in Learning globally for recognising great learning and teaching expertise and highlighting them as what epitomises a great and outstanding teacher. The focus is on their achievements, it’s not just about technology, its not even just about our technology. It about them being great educators, demonstrating innovation and being an expert in that doing that (even if they don’t realise it themselves) so the new title of Innovative Educator Expert  is , in my opinion, a good one.

So can any one be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert? ( I will shorten this to MIEE for the rest of this post Smile )
Well simply the answer is yes ! But, there is always a but, we place a high regard on this title. So we need Educators to tell us what they are doing in the classroom, in their schools and the impact it has on learners. Previously we had a mechanism called the ‘Virtual Classroom Tour’ this has acted as a CPD portfolio and a competition entry into our Education Forums. This has been replaced by a more robust, but I am afraid, detailed application form. You can find this here on the Partners in Learning Network .

The application form asks the usual questions, about your background, your use of social media in the classroom etc. But , perhaps the three questions that you will need to do some preparation for are:-

The Queen of Kodu


  • Create a 2-3 minute non-professionally produced video that describes your learning activity and how the project used technology and innovative teaching practices to impact student outcomes – This needs to be uploaded to YouTube and the URL pasted into your application. Here is a great example of such a video from Nicki Maddams.


  • How did this project impact student outcomes? – For me this is the key question in defining a MIEE.

Once you have started your application it is saved in draft form. Once you have completed it, with all the necessary elements, you are ready to submit it. You have until September 30th before the application  process closes.

We will then select our Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts for next year. As an added incentive we will choose from these who should accompany us to our next Global Forum.


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