Kuju Rail Simulator Screenshots

Copies of Kuju Rail Simulator has finally started to make it into customers' hands. UKTrainSim.com has created a screenshot forum. Have a look. Some of the shots look really nice. I especially like those showing some of the urban areas. Well done!

Comments (2)

  1. Ulrich Seehöfer says:

    You’re quite mild on your competitors.

    If it’s only the screenshots… Ok, there’s nice reflections on the trains paint and some shading looks very prototypical. But if I take a closer look, all the shining begins to peel.

    On the other side I’ve had a look on some newer FSX screenshots and was very impressed. If you take TS2 that serious like you do with FSX (which I am sure of), there’s no doubt for getting the success on your side.

    I’m very anxious to see some more material — from ACES of course 😉

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