Lookin’ Good!

If you haven't seen it yet, Kuju posted a video of their route editor. you can find it here: http://www.railsimulator.com/images/Rail%20Simulator%20world%20editor%20V2.wmv. This is the first video of the editor they've released in awhile and I have to say it's looking pretty good (and the rest of the folks at the office agree). Of course, I'm a developer first and a rail enthusiast second so I tend to notice the way the software has been designed and build. 3D editing in any context is a trick design problem and it's interesting to see some of the choices they've made.

Comments (2)

  1. wedge says:

    it looks really easy, but I’m not sure about the software yet, and I think they should also provide higher resolution videos, because it looks not that good in fullscreen :/

    Also I have to tell that I was expecting this game a lot more before you showed me and the two friends I had with me at the GC what would be the new Train Simulator 2. Now seeing this game with only 4 routes is kinda weird. Anyway we’ll see if it is so good soon 🙂

  2. Rockeiro says:

    Microsoft is in a unique position to offer downloadable real world DEM data and sat photos to overlay on the DEM data so that basic real world terra forming is incorporated right into the product.

    Then we can sit back and immediately get down to the business of laying track and structures, detailing terra and playing trains on our favourite fallen flag railroad.

    Once layouts have been created, we need to be able to link them up as easy as Lego blocks as well so multi-author projects can be *click* joined into huge virtual RR empires.

    If you want to create a game that will live forever, we also need to be able to run a game server (could this be done peer2peer?) so multi player clubs can be created with main line operators, yard operators and dispatchers all working in concert. Could we even hope for air/sea/land transportation vehicles and operational loading facilities and equipment that can dynamically load and unload our railcars?

    How many of these ideas might make their way into the product considering the current FS technology basically supports this already?

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