Leipzig Recap

Well, I'm back on American soil. (Actually, living in this modern society I don't think my feet have actually touched "soil"--just lots of concrete, asphalt, wood and carpet!) The week in Germany went well. From my little "office" in the Leipziger Messe Business Center:


I spoke with 30 journalists from 9 countries and we're already seeing a lot of "buzz" about the screenshots and videos we released. There are many spirited discussions on the UKTrainsim forums:


I also managed to see some of the show:


When I wasn't at the who I hung out in Leipzig, including it's amazing train station:

Even the trip home was exciting when the pilots had to shutdown one engine due to low oil pressure and we got a visit from these guys after landing:

All in all I had a great time and would recommend the show (and the city) to anyone who's in a position to go.

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  1. wedge says:

    Great to see the excitement with the news on the first uktrainsim thread I know understand why I received some bandwith exceeded message :p I did not thought of that :p

    Well great to see this success anyway for a title that still has quite someway to go, I’m really looking forward the upcoming news, and hope to maybe meet you again next year with something even more consistant.

    I also enjoyed the city while I did not had the time to really visit with the very bad weather on my first and free day. The railstation is really nice though they are making a lot of work to do their underground line. I quite enjoyed myself too and hopefully had no plane trouble except a little delay due to the bad weather on Paris where we were landing.

    Thank you very much again, and hope we’ll have more update soon on your blog 🙂

  2. Pedro Aviles says:

    And awasome¡¡ :(, that awful comments from some affected guys  that criticizes the product without any reason showing images of the wheels and other details when everybody knows that this product is in its very firt stages of design.

    Anwway, I know that kind of comments came from a deep ignorance of the English language and from a very deep prejudices on Microsoft. Not other thing that a product of the most ill-disposed ignorance.


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