Leipzig, Tag Zwei

It's day two of press briefings at the Game Conference. Yesterday I spoke with 19 journalists from 7 European countries. So far I haven't seen any reports on line but that's expected at a busy show like this. The only thing I found was a Yahoo! reprinting of our overall Leipzig press release: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070823/aqth040.html?.v=25. I have another day of briefings and then I can explore the show floor. They are expecting upwards of 70,000 people tomorrow. It should be fun!

Last night the Microsoft contingent went to the Exhibitor Night party at the Leipzig Volkspalast. The venue is a grand, domed structure--a great choice for a big event like last night's. There was plenty of food and drink, includiing a stand serving Angel energy drink cocktails (though I stuck to the weisbier). They had a DJ, laser show, and a German "Blues Brothers" cover band. (Sorry, no David Hasselholf.) I resisted the appeal from the guys from Ensemble to party all night and did get some sleep before today's meetings. Again, I'm looking forward to see what coverage comes from this.

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  1. wedge says:


    I went to see you at the booth today, and really appreciate to be able to do so 🙂 I’ve shared already the information and the press kit information with the french community I know, and people are really excited about it. They really get a lot of expectations now that they know what it’ll look like.

    So thank you again for showing us and answering my questions, I really had a good time, and maybe I’ll see you next year with a playable version 😀

  2. Pedro Aviles says:

    Just in http://www.train-magazine.com

    I have translated it for all the spanish community and offer some only four small screens.

    Congratulations for all Microsoft Train Simulator 2 Tea!!

    Thanks from Madrid, Spain, EU

  3. Pedro Aviles says:

    Hi. again just to say we have uploaded the big pictures of the Press Kit in our Forum

    Again, thanks to all Microsoft Train Simulator Team!!


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