One Down, One to Go

An update.

I did get Vista set up on my dev box the other morning. The RTM version is really nice. Yes, I did get the new sounds and they are cool. <g> I've been slowly uncovering little enhancements like the new Photo Gallery and the ability to grow or shrink disk partitions. (I found that after installing a new 320GB SATA hard disk--I had run out of room for a full TrainSim development enlistment.)

Now I've decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my laptop, a Toshiba Tecra M3. This PC is my daily lifeblood since it stores my email archive and other documents that I use on a regular basis. It's also the computer I take to meetings for note taking, presentations and research. In other words, the data on it is very, very important. I'm using a new Vista feature, Easy Transfer, to make a backup of my data to the new hard disk on my dev box. Easy Transfer is basically an updated version of the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard that shipped with Windows XP. After I get the files copied I'll pave my hard drive and install Vista.

The part I'm not looking forward to is installing the applications that I need. Office 2007 gets installed along with Vista so that's taken care of but I will need things like Visual Studio, Source Insight, WinZip and so forth. Some I probably won't bring back. In a way that's good--like sprint cleaning.

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  1. I’ve been running vista on an M3 since the RTM.  it runs fine with a couple of minor problems.

    1. Power management is out the window.  Even tho there is a "power management" built into vista, it is only for when to turn the screen down/off and spin down the HD.  There is no processor management so battery time will be shorter and the fan will be running medium or high ALL THE TIME.

    2. No real driver support from Toshiba yet on the M3.  It needs a BIOS update and driver updates for Vista.  Most notable problem is the video driver.  Sure it works, but if the backlight shuts off, key or mouse movement will not wake it up. TIP: plug/unplug the power adapter, this will cycle the backlight back on without having to reboot the machine!

    3. Haven’t been able to get the video out to sync with a projector, even tho Vista supports easy connections.

    4. Having trouble with a webcam. it’s a brand new one and I think it’s a incompatibility with the video driver.  Come on Toshiba give us an update!

  2. neil says:

    I wouldn’t touch the bloated vista OS with a 10-foot pole with all of its drm protection garbage. But I look forward to running the train simulator on XP, if possible.


    Future Mac User

  3. Sebastian says:

    Hi Mike,

    Strike One: I hope the controversial discussions of XP vs Vista vs Mac vs Linux will significantly decrease soon. We had this when XP came out and also when Win95 came out and each time – after a few months *everybody* was running the new stuff. It gets tiresome…

    Strike Two: My experiences with Vista so far have been good. I am upgrading to two Gigs of RAM though, but I love the enhanced search features and the multimedia features. Using it as a dual-boot setup in order to run MSTS w/o stress.

    Strike Two and a half: It would be great if MS increased compatibility for MSTS w/Vista…

    Strike Three: Not sure yet about DX10, but I wouldn’t exactly mind seeing all the potential of recent graphics engines being exploited within the new train simulation!

    Best regards,

    Sebastian (sstyrnol on the 3dtrains forums!)

  4. Brian Eckard says:

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    Check out my url, and you can send me an email from my web site. At the very least my magazine would like to cover this exciting development. Let’s talk!!


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