One Down, One to Go

An update. I did get Vista set up on my dev box the other morning. The RTM version is really nice. Yes, I did get the new sounds and they are cool. <g> I’ve been slowly uncovering little enhancements like the new Photo Gallery and the ability to grow or shrink disk partitions. (I found…


Has to Love Vista, Baby?

I’m in early this morning–6:30 a.m. My goal is to get the Vista RTM bits on my development machine before my regular schedule of meetings begins. I started the process yesterday but ran into installation issues. I managed to get my machine in a state where the upgrade installation had broken and was prompting me…


Black Helicopters in Train Simulator?

Ya know, it’s certainly reassuring that despite my move from Flight Sim to Train Sim, some things remain the same. When we first starting talking and blogging about the latest version of Flight Simulator we were met with reactions that, frankly, bordered on the paranoid. I suppose that’s what we deserved, given how little we’d…


The People Have Spoken

In fact, they continue to speak. Of course I’m referring to all you current and potential Train Simulator customers out there. I’ve spend a good deal of time reading feedback since we announced the new version. In the first week since we posted the announcement we received over 1000 comments from the feedback page. I’ve…


From the Engineer’s Mouth

Jamie, our development lead on Train Simulator, posted a great blog post about what it means to build Train Simulator “on the Flight Simulator platform”. Check it out!