No, I Can’t

Well, based on the emails I’ve received at least a few people are reading my blog. Unfortunately all of the emails have one theme…No, I can’t get you on the beta testing list! <g> If and when we decide to solicit beta testers the place you will likely know about is on the official web…


Hello Again

With the annoucement of Microsoft’s new Train Simulator project it seems likely that many more new people will be visiting this site (or am I just hoping? <g>) so it probably makes sense to re-introduce myself to this new group. Here goes:   My name is Mike Gilbert and I’m the Lead Program Manager for Train Simulator….


And in case it’s not obvious by now…

What’s been occupying my time over the past few months.   Oh, what am I doing? Well, same sort of thing as when I worked on Flight Sim. Project lead, helping with designs, managing schedules, writing a little code when no one’s looking–that sort of thing. When I get a bit more time I’ll catch…


Now that’s a hangover

Has it really been over two months since my last blog post? Sheesh. Well, I think I’m almost recovered from the Flight Sim X launch. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to mention what it is I’ve been working on since the middle of last year. But until then “mum’s the word”.