Microsoft recently sent the next version of Office, called the Office System 2007, to the duplicators. I'd been using a beta version on my 2nd PC for a while but upgraded my main PC (a Tecra M3 laptop) the other day with RTM bits. I must say it's got some really cool features. I'm really starting to like the new "Ribbon" UI. After many, many years of the same basic toolbar I was skeptical about a totally new approach. To my surprise it's been a really easy transition.

One of the other cool features is a built-in blog editor. Instead of using the weak editing capabilities of each blog I post to all I need to do (after a simple initial setup) is author the post in Word (with all its great formatting and proofing tools) and then click "Publish". That's how this post got onto the site. Anyway, if you haven't checked it out, give it a test drive.

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