Wow, talk about obscure. It seems one cause of the activation problems some people have had is a seemingly innocuous registry value placed there by another program prior to installing FSX. So far we've determined that Iomega backup software is one culprit but there may be others. Apparently the software is "supposed" to set a valid value that the activation component looks at but instead it just writes a '0'. Essentially what happens is the activation component says. "What the %$!?", and bails out. Some people have had success by un-installing the backup software and then trying to activate. I'm looking into whether we can post a manual fix for those of you who feel comfortable editing your registry. Stay tuned.

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  1. Gary Letona says:

    Maybe someday people will realize that any problems they might have probably relate to something on their machine and not the Sim. I’ve been meaning to post this in the forums, but it would be pointless. I can hear the groans of "not *my* machine" already. Keep up the good work, Mike.

  2. bruceatk says:

    I too cannot activate and I spent over 4 hours and 3 calls with MS Support.  At no time have I been asked to try anything or has any information been collected about my system (except for the actual error messages).  It has been 7 days since my first contact.  I have resorted to using a hack that you can download so that I can actually use the product properly.  How will it be fixed if no information is collected from the people having the problem?

    I don’t have iomega backup, but I probably at one time installed a zip drive.  What is the registry key? Where can I follow what is actually happening to solve this problem?


  3. Jonathan says:

    Forums all over the internet appear to be littered with stories about activation problems from legitimate users who paid out their money to buy the product legally.

    At the time of writing I don’t believe I have seen as much as one word of complaint from the vast numbers of individuals who appear to have illegally obtained the product and of course subsequently installed it without a hitch.

    Ironic that so many legitimate users have understandably felt compelled to download a fix that was most probably the work of the very type of people that are the root of the activation problem in the first place.

    I’m all for revenue protection on the part of software producers but when it inconveniences innocent buyers – as it most surely has – then there simply has to be more work put into finding a better way.

    Incidentally, a user on the flightsim forums suggested that Microsoft Activation also include an option for deactivation as well – for those instances where the user upgrades their hardware, they can "deactivate" the product (back to 30 minute mode) and then re-activate once they have upgraded the hardware. Sounds like an excellent idea to me.

  4. Jim says:

    I agree with Bruce, I dont have or had a iomega zip drive on my system. Ive also bought my product 7 days ago and have nothing to show for my $65.00. Sadly to say, in an effort to combat piracy, Microsoft only lead me to find the same hacked files required to run a legally purchased program. So what was the purpose of this activation inconvenience to legal customers? Learn to find illegal methods to get a legally bought product to work?  This hack was out 24 hours after product release. I spent 7 days with a legal copy trying to get it to run. Obviously MS makes things very easy for the pirates, but very difficult for legitimate customers!


  5. SilentGlider says:

    I hope someone is also working on the Error 1722 during reinstallation.  I didn’t have any problems during the initial installation but the next day when I started the program I received an error message that there was a problem with a program component and that I might be able to fix this by uninstalling and reinstalling.  I uninstalled but every time time I attempt to reinstall FS X, at the very end of the installation process, I’m getting an "Error 1722: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."  This error message pops up when the installer is registering fonts and is followed by a roll back of the installation and a fatal error message (I think it’s error 1603).

    I’ve searched the Microsoft support site as well as every website I can find and can’t locate any reported solution other than reinstalling the operating systems and then installing FS X, which I’m not willing to do.

    I enjoyed the limited time I able to use the program (especially flying the missions) so it’s very frustrating that I can’t even complete the installation process now.  Getting through to Microsoft support via telephone is virtually impossible and I can’t submit an email support request since, because I can’t install the program, I can’t provide the require product ID.

  6. Tim says:

    Same with me. My install goes out and gives me a CAB error (1354 or 1355). It is NOT my DVD-Rom because its brand new. It is not my PC, new re-install of OS.

    I can deal with the blurries and graphics totally sucking with a 3.2 ghs and 2 g of RAM plus a 6800 Ultra video card. But, installation should not be an issue.

    If possible, can MS post the exact PC specs they used when they were testing FSX. Would love to see this.


  7. Tim says:


    I’m currently in the process of trying to fix this HORRIBLE FSX install issue in regard to CAB missing, Error 1334 and Error 1335. The MS FSX screwed this one big time.

    My solution has been seen on seeral sites but I myself, also had issues. So, copy all of the FSX content from Disk 1 an Disk 2 into a folder on your desktop and run setup.

    My issue was that I was STILL getting error. So…I copied the particular file from the CD that the program told me it couldn’t open and clicked Retry and it installed. Oh yeah, I had to copy like 11 cabs from the CD’s until it finally installed.

    With this said, I do not like this one bit so I’m waiting for my 72 hour call from MS.

    Wish me luck!

    PS: I cannot believe my 3.2 ghz, 6800 Ultra and 2G of RAM pc cannot run FSX w/out blurries, even with settings at LOW!

  8. SilentGlider says:

    I hope someone, somewhere is working on the error 1722 after installation problem.  I was only able to use the program for about a day before I received an error message related to a problem with a program component that suggested that I uninstall and reinstall the application.  I followed these instructions and now I get the error 1722 at the end of the installation (when the installation program is registering fonts) followed by a roll back of the installation and a fatal error (I think it’s 1603).  I’ve search all possible web resources and can’t find any solution that has work except for reinstalling Windows XP and then installing FSX which I’m not willing to do.  I’d really like to use this program but it’s somewhat difficult when you can’t install it.  I know this is a complicated piece of software but it seems like it should be that difficult to get the installation process to work properly.

  9. bonsaijim says:

    I’m patient.  I’ll wait until I see an "Official" fix for this activation issue.  Looks like there are thousands of folks with this same issue.  I thought it might be a problem to have 2004 ACOF and FSX installed together.  I couldn’t get FSX to activate, so I went back to 2004.  Bingo…I had to accept the EULA again and I have been running 2004 since it came out.  Don’t know if that will help you folks or not.

  10. Jesse says:

    I have the exact same installation problem.. I was wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that I use Win XP Pro x64?  

    I know this is a bad idea, but if you hit the reset button on your computer after the 1722 error pops up, the installation won’t be rolled back, and you can fly for another 30 minutes until the activation stops working agian.  >.>  


  11. krz says:

    its amazing how this company falls into its own traps over and over again. if they would dedicate their time to actually try to make a really good product instead of only a good enough one…maybe thats the way to earn respect? google seems to be the only big-scale company that can think of ways to earn money without pissing off their customers.

    your company should consider to learn the rules…instead of playing the bully who thinks he can write them.

  12. Katy Pluta says:

    Tyr the steps below *after* making a backup of your registry, create a restore point in Windows…

    (see here if help needed: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/registry.htm)

    1. Click on Start, point to Run and type regedit. Click OK.

    2. Expand:


    3. Once you found the folder, on the right-side, double-click Upperfilters.

    Change the value from 0 to PartMgr and then click OK.

    4. Close Registry Editor.

    5. Reboot the computer and try the activation wizard again.

  13. daveangel says:

    I am also getting error 1722 after flight sim x about a week after running it without problems.

  14. Sammy says:

    Oh please! One of the FS programmers didn’t validate their input. That’s a basic programming error. Don’t try and make it sound like it’s some gigantic plot to make MS look bad. This was a small programming mistake that didn’t get picked up in testing and had serious consequences. The programmers and testers should be apologetic and learn from the mistake.

  15. I am getting cab errror on my ps while installing any software ihave done formatting reinstallation changed harddisk bught new cd rome un installed antivirusbut still error is coming can anybody sugget what to do with this problem, plz i am on urgent project and my pc is not working

    feelfreel to mail any solution on manish_kolmbkar@yahoo.com

  16. Fsx01 says:

    I really dont know what you are talking about here but, uhm… Can anyone help me with fsx.. When i install it everything goes as i should but when im done installing i have to activate my cd key and such things but when my installing progress comes to 100% it pop ups a window where it stand: error 1722. There is a problem with this windows installer package. A porgram run as part of the setup did not finish as expected

    could anyone give me a answer fast i really miss playing this game 🙁

    Im sorry if this dont have anything to do with what you where talking about here but i realy need help with this!:D

    thank you!

  17. Terry says:

    I’ve bought this game recently and due to several unwanted software issues and other probs i’ve had to reinstall everything a few times now on my new computer i keep being told that i have used the serial key too many times and microsofts almight database of uslessnaes isnt letting play the game if apple make a flight sim im buying

  18. Terry says:

    I tried to install fkight sim X and i get to the very end and it states an error 1603 during intstallation.

    I also have flight sim 2004 installed prior to sim X

    Would that (sim 2004 registry file) cause an installation error in sim X ?

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