If you're reading this blog you're no doubt up to speed on the release of Flight Simulator X. Today's the "official" release date for the US, though some parts of the world released earlier. (And some US retailers jumped the gun, too.) So far the initial reactions have centered on performance. Since this is a family show let me just say it reminds of a topic that post-pubenscent boys (oh, okay, most males) tend to fixate on. Some are getting it, others are not, and those who aren't wish they were. And to keep the analogy going, there are a handful of folks offering miracle cures and a few who are yelling, "Abstain! Abstrain!"


Most of the activity (at least that I've read) is on AvSim. Noise levels increased to such a degree that Tom created a separate forum just for the folks who've vowed to keep using FS2004--the king of Epirus would be pleased, I'm sure. (Though a few can't resist coming over to the FSX forum to pee in the pool.) The other forums I frequent are much tamer in comparison. and Sim-Outhouse, in particular, seem to possess an overabundance of reason, consideration and optimism. Oh, well, I'm sure they'll catch whatever's going around soon enough.


In the meantime, I'll continue to scour the web for real data on the problems people are having and try to make sure it gets to the people here who can do something about it. And if you're one of the ones having issues, make sure to visit the new FS Insider site as it will be the first place you'll hear about tips, tricks and help for your woes.

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  1. Tom Gibson says:


    Here’s one thing people missed – if you would have added just one line in the fsx.cfg file (pointing to a non-existant "AIRCRAFT" folder), it wouldn’t have broken every FS2004 addon that uses an automated installer.  No need to actually create the folder, just have it active if a user (or installation) creates one…

    Now expecting a flood of "why doesn’t your $%^& addon show up in FSX!" emails.

    Tom Gibson

  2. David D says:

    Please help to calm the Revolt…

    If you compare the same speed single core with a dual core you will see only about 3-4 FPS inprovement. This is because there is more L2 cache to work with. The second core is worthless.

    I went to the Intel dual core training. Only a handful of applications make use of the second core because it is extremely complicated to implement. Yes, FSX has multiple threads but they are still on the primary core.

    ACES and Microsoft, prove that this is not true or this will be a black spot against dual cores. Is there a patch to fix this?


  3. David Crandall says:

    I sorry, but am I missing something. I went to Wal*Mart and found that they only had the standard version. I checked there web site and found a relaese date fot the Deluxe Version in LATE 2006.

    I checked and they had a release date for the Deluxe Version Oct 20.

    I went to AVSIM store and they simply said "not released yet".

    So why do I see so many comments on the Deluxe Version if it has not even been release yet.

  4. Ian Yates says:

    First Interstate Bank? now AON!

    Why not let strategic graphic pros fix the building logos on our downtown buildings.

    I’ll be in charge of Los Angeles, since I know where the Hollywood sign is and the position of the Griffith Observatory.

    Still, as a seasoned multi decade user of the sim, let me just say FSX is actually fantastic for reasons probably not understood by brand new users.

    For reasons that are a mystery to most it runs better on my rig than FS2004.

  5. king of Epirus says:

    This thread sure sounds more reasonable then the heated AVSIM debates

    So can we expect a patch that gives us accaptable framerates on current medium to highend hardware or is that out of the question?

  6. Doug says:

    tdragger said: "…coming over to the FSX forum to pee in the pool." Absolutely hilarious… you hit the nail square on the head. Very funny, Mike… thanks!

  7. Matt Carden says:

    Your work on FSX is greatly appreciated. I have been using X for several days now (Thank you Wal-Mart) and I absolutely love it.  YES I have had some performance issues BUT, these issues have inspired me to return to my roots as a "Techie" and dig through TechNet and other sources to find new performance tweaks to apply to Windows XP– This has also allowed me to find XP performance enhancements that I can have my staff apply to PC’s at the office.

    Bottom Line! Thanks for your hard work.

    M Carden,

    Director of Information Technology,

    Block & Company, Inc.

    PS-  There is a "bad" link at the bottom of the "featured" article on FS Insider.  It is the link to Optimizing….   Link points to "…" — should be "…"

  8. AJ says:

    I just wanted to say that even though I do not have the product yet, I do not understand all the vitriol being spewed on the newsgroup and the forums.

    Maybe my opinion will change (when I finally install on my mid-high end rig), but I tend to think that even the seasoned simmers have unreasonably high expectations.  You can only get so much data through a pipe.  Considering this and the fact that the blurries and fluidity issues appear to have been largely solved, I think that, short of having re-written from scratch, ACES has done a remarkable job with what M$ gave them to work with.

    After 20 years of simming (I can’t believe I found the first one so entertaining given it’s graphics), I can finally say that this looks to be what I have been waiting for all along.

    Thanks ACES – do not let the naysayers discourage you!

  9. Carl Hackman says:

    Hi mate

    Just seen this which is only gonna fuel the revolt I think as Vista is the platform FSX was apparantly designed for.

    You wait until the guys get a load of this Mike. LOL

    Carl Hackman

    GE Pro Developer

  10. Daviator says:

    I expected slower frame rates as yes, this is a new version of the game apparently not optimized for hardware available today.

    What I didn’t expect was major display issues with a decent (not blazing, I will admit) video card (GeForce 5500 – 256mb ram, latest drivers, fully Direct X compatible) where no glass in the AC showing, no wing flexing and no bump mapping visible.

    What really set me off was Akash with MS support told me he had no clue what was causing my issue and that "No hardware will fully support all of the FSX features". He basically said my video card sucked but when I asked which one is known to work, he had no answers.

    What is the freaking points of bells and whistles if they cause more harm than good and MS’s own people admit that no hardware fully supports all of them?

  11. Eric from San Diego says:

    Bought the deluxe version a week or so ago (thanks Best Buy!) and have only had a chance to fly a few times, but I must say FSX puts a big smile on my face!  My wife is getting tired of me saying, "Hey, come look at this!"

    Yes, I look forward to investing in a Core 2 Duo/Crossfire rig someday, but for now there is much to explore.  The dynamic ground/sea traffic, high resolution mesh and textures, multiplayer modes – the list goes on.  And did I mention aircraft?  I thought MS did a terrific job with the included aircraft in FS9, but FSX is even better.

    As for performance, I may try a few of the tips being bandied about on the boards, but basically I start with everything at the far left and roll in higher settings until my system groans.  And I must say that (except for shadows and traffic – always problematic) it looks quite a bit better than FS9 with similar performance.

    One last thing – we’re fortunate to live within driving distance of an Alteon facility where one can, for a modest fee, buy time in a full flight sim.  My father and I have done this a couple of times, and after last month’s session in a 737NG, we looked at each other and said, "Boy, the MS world is a far more immersive and detailed place!"  Just one more thing that keeps that smile on my face.  Thank you, flight simulator team!


    AOPA 5161141

  12. Jimmy Gazzaway says:

    I have been flying flight simulators by Microsoft since the first one for the TRS-80 when I owned a Radio Shack Store.  I am an Airline Transport Pilot Rated flyer with 14,000 hours in the air and find that FSX is a nice simulator, but some problems that could have been solved by bringing things over from FS9.

    I can’t find any way to raise or lower the seat in the 2D view mode.  I would like to use the 2D panel and see the end of the runway or at least the ground over the nose like I could with FS2004 by hitting shift+enter.  Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place. If anybody can tell me how to do it I would appreciate an email to with the subject title "Raising the Seat"  That way I’ll get your message past the spam blocker.



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