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Many folks have followed my suggestion and sent their experiences to the tell_fs@microsoft.com alias. However, many seem to expecting a reply. Don't hold your breath bceause it's a one-way account. If you need help getting something to work, call Product Support. Cheers.

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  1. Dale Collins says:

    When I try to run FSX, I get the following message

    “Flight simulator has detected one or more of your monitors is using 24 bit quality. Flight simulator is incompatible with this display mode. Would you like to change your display settings?"

    Answering no exits.

    Answering yes allows me to change settings but as both of my monitors are set to 32 bit and no amount of fiddling around will allow the program to load. I have un-installed, re-installed on a different drive, etc. Nothing works and I am stuck totally.

    I rang Microsoft product support yesterday to report this , (Case srq061017602217) got put thru to a call centre in what sounded like India after holding for 20 minutes, spoke to someone who confirmed that they had my phone number in case we got cut off, (it was an appalling line) and then when we did cut off did not call me back!

    I would log an email request but the system won’t let you do this without the product id number which you can’t get unless you run the program!

    Catch 22 and no fsx!

    I don’t suppose that you know what the product id number is so that I can get on with my life?

  2. Local Tech says:

    Hi Dale,

    I have found a possible solution for you.

    Check if you have any Remote Desktop Sharing applications turned on i.e; NetMeeting, Remote Desktop etc…

    If you do not, turn it on then turn it off.

    C:Program FilesNetMeetingConf.exe – Turn this on, then turn it off. Then try running Flight Simulator X and it should be working fine 🙂



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