...It's one of the hardest thing to gain when dealing with customers from afar. Still, it is possible. I suggested to the folks on AvSim to capture some objective data to back up their experience when running the new sim. Specifically what I suggested was to send the output from DXDIAG.EXE and a snapshot of FSX settings (by saving them to a separate .CFG file) to our alias. I don't know if the folks that own that alias really wanted all the mail but, hey, I thought it would help. In fact, here's an email we received today:

Hi, I was advised by Tdragger from to write an e-mail with my dxdiag and fsx.cfg file attached.  I am expecting more out a brand new game with brand new technology.  FPS is slow and the graphics are not good.  The thing that gets me about the graphics is mainly the ground.  It looks so blurry and zoomed in.  It looks like a satellite picture that is zoomed in so we are flying over a zoomed in picture.  Then the buildings and houses are just put right on top of it.  Not realistic looking at all.  I was wondering if it could be the fact that I need to upgrade ram or video card because my cpu is fine.  Thanx for your time.



One of our developers forwarded the email internally with this reply:

Sounds like he's running out of video memory and G2D/D3D are throwing out the highest detail mips to free up space.  He's got his terrain texture resolution set to 7 cm.  Setting it back to 1 meter might free up enough memory to clear up the problem.  Anti-aliasing and high screen resolutions also chew up memory.  Turning off anti-aliasing or switching to a lower screen resolution may help.

Heck, sounds reasonable to me. I hope Dave checks my blog!


Anyway, I can't guarantee you'll get this sort of customized help but if you're so inclined, here's how to produce the files I mentioned:

  1. Click Start, then Run...

  2. Type 'dxdiag' and press Enter.

  3. Click the 'Save all information' button.

  4. Save the file (default name = 'dxdiag.txt').


  1. Run FSX.

  2. Click 'Settings' from the left hand menu.

  3. Click the 'Save...' button.

  4. Save the file (will have a .CFG extension).

Send those two files--to us or anyone you think might help!


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  1. OwenHewitt says:

    Hi Mike,

    Great advice, I hope that you guys get some good feedback, and perhaps enough information to put together some sort of FAQ with solutions such as the example you have gave us.  It seems that this version of the sim will take a bit more customization to give everyone the experience they desire.

    The AutoGen code that Paul gave us worked wonders for me personally – I’m getting much better performance now with a lower population per cell.  I’ve got each set to 600.  Am I right in that being much like the max that FS9 would give us?



  2. Scott S. says:

    Are you interested in any data from Vista 5744?  That is probably where I am going to start.

  3. Ken says:


    What is the area of a "cell"? Square mile, half mile,? Just curious. BTW, don’t have retail till Tuesday, but having a great time using Demo2. Great job on the newest incarnation of FS! Thanks!

  4. James Carr says:

    I must say that I think FSX is great, I know alot of people are moaning about things on it, mainly because they struggle to get it to work well with their system. But I remember back to when FS9 came out and people did exactly the same, I even brought a new computer to be able to use it better. I look at it like this, yes it doesnt fly as smooth as maybe FS9 does but why make a product downgraded just so it works with peoples setups now, there seems no point we might aswell just keep FS9, I think people need to look to the future and with all the new Technology on the horizon, in DX10 and Quadprocessors, yes it’ll be expensive yes it will take some time for it to be available and drop in price, but when it does FSX will suddenly go from being an average improvement on FS9(because sliders have to be low) to a total amazing experience. It makes me laugh because forums over past year or so have been full of things they wished FS9 did, or did better, 100’s of addons have come out to try and tweak and make it get to these better things, i.e better clouds, lighting, water etc. FSX has given us this, but people seem to now complain that there system cant run it all now.

    Its frustrating that i cant go out tomorrow and buy the system that will run it at its best(even if i had the money) but my FS9 only runs as good as it does now because hardware finally caughty up with it.

    I’ll use it for fun along side my FS9, after all there too much missing to use it fully online with VATSIM, like addon aircraft and airport sceneries, by the time they all come along, so will the hardware(and maybe vista(LOL)) and I’ll then be able to switch over to it fully just like i did from FS98 to FS2002/2004.

    However what would be helpful is seeing what system Mike you use to run it on(even if your system contains some experimental techs) and how yours performs.

    Heres to the future


  5. Chris G says:

    My second biggest question is will I see any benefit in performance FSX running it on Vista (RC2), as it has DX10? Would the FS team like some feedback (like Scott S. said)?

    My biggest question though is why did the scenery designers recreate the stadiums of Birmingham City and Aston Vill (football/soccer clubs), and not include the stadium of my team Liverpool, with their ground Anfield being famous throughout the world!?!?

    Seriously though, despite all the winging going on, I’m perfectly satisfied now I’ve figured out the best settings for my PC! One satisfied customer.

  6. John Murcutt says:

    Bought it at 14:00, got a refund at 16:20.

    FPS of 7 to 11 when at larger airports flying heavy metal.  Intel 3.4 Dual Core, NVidea 7600 256 PCI Express, 2GB RAM.I will stick with FS9.


  7. Unhappy user says:

    I’d say the new flight sim sucks, but judging from the feedback from the user community you already knew that.

    Cut your looses and sell the franchise!

  8. Tim says:

    You can’t sell a product which won’t run on any existing system! I just can’t believe it!

    A friend of mine uses 3Ghz Pentium CPU, 2 GIGs of memory and 2 NVidia 7800GT Graphic Adapters AND IT DOESN’T RUN PROPERLY!

    I’m quite angry.

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