Stupid Flight Sim Tricks

Any Letterman fans out there? Well, here's one to try if you have the FSX demo:


Launch any flight and turn on Mouse-as-Yoke (from the right-click menu or by pressing CTRL+Y). Fly around for a bit and then press the middle mouse button (or mouse wheel button as the case may be). Notice anything funny?


Somehow we mapped the SLEW_RESET command to the middle button in normal mode--a bit of a pain if your hand happens to slip. Fixing this means going to the control assignments dialog and removing the mapping. Unfortunately we make this difficult because we filter the assignments based on mode so you won't see this in the list. Hooray us!


Anyway, to remove the mapping try assigning any other command to the middle button. You should see a message in the assignment dialog to the effect of, "Button 2 is already mapped to blah, blah, blah." Click OK and you should now see Button 2 in the assignment list. You can now click Delete Assignment then OK and clear the assignment. Phew! Keep this tip handy because we may not fix this in the final release (to keep from breaking something else). Instead we'll add it to the FSX blooper reel. <g>

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  1. Adrian Esdaile says:

    Since this post was about the mouse, I’d just like to mention that I *LOVE* the re-appearance of mouse-as-yoke!

    I got very proficient at flying with a mouse back in FS4 (yep, that far back! I still have FS-II for C-64, and the rare UFO for PC), and although later versions of FS (except FS9) had mouse-yoke, none of them seemed as smooth as FS4’s one.

    So I was delighted to discover it by accident in the FXS Demo, and even more delighted to find it was back to the silky-smooth precision of FS4! The ultralight in particular is tremendous fun to fly-by-mouse.

    As for the middle button ‘quirk’, I guess I don’t use the middel button much! Though I used to have it assigned to mouse-yoke-toggle for quick and easy menu clicking without putting the plane into a nasty roll on finals 🙂

    Speaking of button assignments, will be able to seperately assign view zoom commands to the mouse scroll-wheel? Just another little wish-list item!

    Thanks, and keep up the fantastic work!


  2. IlyaPro says:

    Somewhy this ‘SLEW_RESET’ function in normal mode works with my mouse, but when I tried to reassign the function to the middle mouse button, it didn’t work. I mean, when I pressed the middle button (the wheel in my case) nothing happened, as if I didn’t do anything. I would like to assign "Mouse Look" to the middle button, but I can’t 🙁 Tell me please, how can I do that? Maybe there is another way?

    My mouse is Logitech PS/2.

  3. lovettsoftware says:

    Thousands of disabled and laptop flyers will be over the moon that you have

    re-established this vital accessibility feature.  Big, big thanks.

    There are some serious problems/issues with its implementation though that I

    have noticed in the released demo.  These are:-

    1). Each time you enter the mode the mouse pointer is placed lower and lower

    down the screen.  In the end, this means that because the pointer is not

    snapped to the centre of the window when in Yoke mode, there comes a point

    when you can no longer pull the elevator back at all because the mouse

    pointer is at the bottom of the screen.

    2). To make this feature functional at all they really need to snap the

    mouse pointer to the middle of the window.  This way you never run out of

    room to move your Ailerons and Elevators.

    3). At present the pointer is kept visible whilst in Yoke mode and changes

    to a cross shape.  I imaging the thinking was that you can still use the

    mouse to click objects whilst in Yoke mode.  In reality, you would never

    want to use the mouse for anything else other than controlling the primary

    controls when in Yoke mode.  So it would make more sense to hide it.  In my

    experience 9 out of 10 people who use this feature hate having the pointer


    4). To exit Yoke mode at present you must either press the assigned key or

    right click to access the pop-up menu then deselect Yoke mode from the list.

    The assigned key method is very good.  The menu de-selection method just

    does not work well because while you are moving the mouse to de-select Mouse

    Yoke mode from the pop-up menu, you are still making inputs to your Ailerons

    and Elevators at the same time.  It would be much better to have it how it

    use to be in that a single right click not only accessed the pop-up menu,

    but also took you out of Yoke mode.  This is how it use to work in any case.

    5). If there is still anyone on the team from Flight Sim 95 days, they will

    remember how when in Mouse-as-yoke mode, moving the mouse up/down moved the

    Elevators, moving the mouse left/right moved the Ailerons but by holding

    down the left mouse button meant that up/down movement operated the

    throttles whilst left/right movement applied and de-applied the brakes

    resulting in the parking brakes being applied once the normal brakes were

    fully applied.  Please, please can we have it this way again.

    Over the last 6 years I

    have had alot of contact with the sort of people who depend on this feature

    simply to be able to use the sim due to their disabilities whilst

    developing my replacement Mouse-As-Yoke Add-on. So these comments are based

    on 100s of requests made to me for my Add-on plus my own insight, also being

    disabled myself and having to use a combination of my chin, on my touchpad

    and my nose on the keyboard.

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