My Favorite Settings: Part I

For those that missed it we just posted an article on the new FSInsider site that explains a few of the more obscure settings in the Flight Simulator configuration file. (It also includes instructions on how to find the little guy.) I thought I'd post a couple of my particular favorites, starting with PAN_RATE. This setting controls how quickly the camera pans in virtual cockpit and spot plane modes and you'll find it in the [CONTROLS] section. The default setting is 400. 400 what, you ask? I don't know off hand and I'm at home so I can't look at the code. In any event, it's a large number and to see any difference you need to make some large changes. After experimeting I discovered thta I like a setting of 800. I makes the camera a bit snappier. You should play around with it, though, to see what you like best.

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  1. Luis Féliz-Tirado says:

    Thank you very much, Mike. This type of information should probably be included with the game; perhaps a description of all keys in the cfg file could also appear for the more advanced users.

    Please forgive me if I say, however, that the section concerning terrain settings could be more amply described. The terse comments may not be understood by all.

    Thanks again for all this effort to help us.

    Best regards.


  2. Thank you for that I’ll give it a try !

    I’ve always been struggling with the chase plane camera ! I just love the smooth motion between positions, but always found the overall not responsive enough, maybe this’ll help 😉

  3. OwenHewitt says:

    Hi Mike,

    The pan rate was one of the first "hacks" I did on my own, and I’m particularly fond of 900. Of course, frame rates performance is something to consider when adjusting this number, but 400 was just way too slow. 🙂


  4. Owen Hewitt says:

    Here is another item that might be worth adding to the FAQ –

    To change runway lighting, add the following to the [Display] section of the FS9.cfg:

    RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.0 //scales edge,center,end,touchdown, runways

    RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=1.0 // scales VASI lights

    RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=1.0 // scales approach light bars


    The smaller the number, the smaller the point of light.



  5. OwenHewitt says:

    Hi Mike,

    Would you kindly elaborate on this entry?



  6. Garry Trinder says:

    What’s there to elaborate on? It maps to the "Display Flying Tips" checkbox in the Realism dialog. I thought you’d have figured that out by now, Owen. <g>

  7. OwenHewitt says:

    Hahahaha!! No wonder I had no idea – I’ve never used Flying Tips. I figured it was some "switch" to suddenly turn on a gorgeous blonde in the VC copilot or something. 🙂


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