A Weary Traveler

Well, I’m now ensconced in the Las Vegas Hilton. So far my big accomplishment (besides recovering from the shock of paying $11/day for Internet access) has been to get an autographed picture of Suzie Plakson who was making a guest appearence dowstairs at Quark’s. No doubt her 6′ 1″ height (along with her good looks)…


Now THAT Was A Nice Rest

I had intended to blog, really I did, before getting way, way busy over the last couple of weeks. By hey, you didn’t miss much. Most of my time was spent prepping for a big demo but I managed to put that to bed last week. Then it was straight into holiday preparations, accelerated since…


Sun Breaks

Well, a front moved through over Thanksgiving and managed to sweep out the fog. I can once again see the Cascade mountains from the second floor TV room. We were even greeted Sunday morning by a light dusting of snow. That’s something you don’t see around Seattle very often. It’s even more rare in Las…


Fogged In

For those weather watchers out there the Seattle area has been experiencing an extended temperature inversion. We get inversions all the time but they don’t often last this long. My house in the nothern ‘burbs has not seen greater than 1/2 mile visibility since last Thursday. I went out shopping last night and I thought…


Oh! That Reminds Me…

Thanks to Jorgie for this question: Way out from left field, let me ask you if you have any ideas how to make FS2004 work with IE7 installed? I have to uninstall IE7 to get FS to run without exiting anytime the main menu tries to load. Yeah, that thing. <g> Those trying to run…


Making the Flat Not So Much

A message from Larry N. on FlightSim.com’s Wish List forum pinged a thought about how we handle rivers in FS. Here’s what he said: “While on the subject of flattening, it’s wonderful that we have improved resolution mesh (38m and better — even 9m in a few areas), but that’s still coarse enough to leave…


Aw, Shucks

I just found a new forum on FlightSim.com dedicated to wish lists for the next version of Flight Simulator. Gee, you shouldn’t have. <blush> One post says we know about it and are reading the posts. Well, it was news to me but, hey, I’ll spend some time over there. I might learn something!


Being Too Productive?

If you are then consider this site, courtesy of my friend Shannon. It’s a compilation of toys from the 60’s and 70’s with (decidedly British) commentary. (I almost wet myself–strangely appropriate–reading their description of Tiny Tears, #32.) It’s a perfect diversion for a rainy Sunday morning. UPDATE: Shannon’s husband Richard provides this PG-13 rated gem that illustrates…


Are YOU Missing Out?

If you’re reading this you’re probably not. I’m referring to a post on AvSim bemoaning the fact that many, many FS users never install a single add-on (also called a ‘mod’ in the general gaming world). I agree that having more people engaged in the hobby would benefit it. The suggestion in the initial post is for…


We’re Bloggerific

Mike Z, long time dev, short time PM, now has a blog, too: http://blogs.technet.com/SkyHawk/. Be sure to ask him what happens when you declare an emergeny and land, engine out, at an Air Force base. <g>