Windows Azure Acceleration Lab – Open Platform Services – Paris, 5th-7th December 2012

Windows Azure is an open and flexible platform that supports running applications written in any programming language. The authoring tools and emulators provide you everything you need to test your applications locally and package them for deployment to the cloud, regardless of what programming language and tools you are using. Because Windows Azure service APIs such as storage are exposed through standards based protocols (HTTP/REST), they can be consumed from any language as well as through various community-supported libraries.

This lab is designed to help companies evaluate and test the possibilities Windows Azure Platform-as-a-Service components offer for companies using PHP, Phyton, Node.js, Java or other languages, tools and frameworks. Other scenarios supported in the lab are focused on utilizing the Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities to run Linux based applications in virtual machines.

The Windows Azure Acceleration Lab is a three day hands-on experience designed to help your company evaluate, test and accelerate development of open platform scenarios using functionality in the Windows Azure cloud platform. Subject matter experts will work directly with your software developers and on your application. The labs are offered free of charge, however you must be prepared to send one or two software developers with source code access to the lab for the full 3 days. Since availability is limited a nomination process has been defined, requesting you to share information on your project, service or application.

Please register on our Events site if you would like to participate !

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