How to use the Windows Azure Service Management API from cURL to create Virtual Machines

Recently a partner asked me for some simples examples of using the Windows Azure Management API from that most universal Swiss army knife of HTTP debug tools, namely the infamous cURL. Specifically, he was looking for an example of how to create a Linux machine from the command line using just cURL. There is already…


Deploying Ruby on Rails and MongoDB in Windows Azure using the Linux Command-Line Tools (Part 2)

In this second part, we are going to install MongoDB on a separate server, and get our Ruby on Rails talking to it! I am going to use the second VM we created in the previous post, as a reminder we used a command like this: $ azure vm create testruby “CANONICAL__Canonical-Ubuntu-12-04-amd64-server-20120528.1.3-en-us-30GB.vhd” tom “password” –connect web1…


INVITATION: Windows Azure Open Platform Services (OSS) Summit – Paris, France – Dec 4, 2012

Learn more about how Windows Azure has helped companies realize the true value of the cloud.  Windows Azure supports multiple development platforms, languages, and tools providing first-class choice beyond .NET for developers and enterprises. Register now for our Open Services Summit to learn how you can take advantage of an open, flexible, rock solid platform….


Windows Azure Acceleration Lab – Open Platform Services – Paris, 5th-7th December 2012

Windows Azure is an open and flexible platform that supports running applications written in any programming language. The authoring tools and emulators provide you everything you need to test your applications locally and package them for deployment to the cloud, regardless of what programming language and tools you are using. Because Windows Azure service APIs…


Deploying Ruby on Rails in Windows Azure using the Linux Command-Line Tools (Part 1)

In this blog post in two parts, I will show you how to deploy a set of Linux Virtual Machines running in Windows Azure, running the Ruby on Rails stack with a MongoDB back-end. The challenge is to do it without ever touching a Windows client machine, and using only the Linux command-line tools. Let’s…


Running Redis on a CentOS Linux VM in Windows Azure

With the new version of the Windows Azure platform we announced on June 7th, it is now possible to create and run persistent virtual machines, with an extended choice of operating systems, including now several Linux distributions (Ubuntu, CentOS and SUSE). These virtual machines (Linux or Windows) start on a durable disk, stored as a…