ASP.NET MVC Framework

I am fond of MVC. I have done my fair share of Java programming for the Web, and this pattern is nearly ubiquitous in Java-based Web frameworks; I have used Struts quite a bit, and I used it as the basis for the 2004 Olympic Games Web site. Spring, WebWork, are other Java MVC frameworks….


Live Search Web Part, Part 2

I realized that it may not be immediately obvious to everybody how you can customize the MOSS Search Center to add the Live Search Web Part I blogged about. It is really very simple. The Theory: all you need to do is to create new “Live” tabs on the Search Center (one for Search and…


Live Search Web Part

I have pre-configured a Web Part for MOSS that you can just drop on to a Search Center results page. It will run the current query on Live Search and display the results. It is built using SharePoint Designer, the Data Form Web Part, and the Live Search SOAP API. It automatically retrieves the current…


Blogging tools

In order to write the previous post, I used two tools that make the work much easier: Windows Live Writer is a cool tool from the Live team to help you write blog posts. It automatically detects your Blog APIs (like MetaWeblog) as well as your style sheets, and allows you to write your posts…


Batch loading InfoPath Forms in SharePoint 2007

I have recently been asked to batch load a bunch of InfoPath Forms into a SharePoint Server for access via Forms Server. The customer had a database extract, in the form of a CSV file, and they wanted to convert this data into pre-filled forms, and then load the forms into SharePoint Server. They also…


More waterworks

More waterworks Originally uploaded by tomconte In the Seattle Center. It’s a beautiful day!


In the water taxi

In the water taxi Originally uploaded by tomconte On our way to Salty’s at Alki Beach.


The view from my hotel room

The view from my hotel room Originally uploaded by tomconte Hotel Max is a boutique hotel with some nice views of the Space Needle. (sent from my SmartPhone)


TechReady party

TechReady party Originally uploaded by tomconte Rooftop cinema (sent from my SmartPhone)