Backup Jobs Failing Post Nov Rollup Install

I wanted to post a final update to this post – we believe we now have the update fixed and this issue should be resolved.

12/1 – Resolution and Response To Comments

We have fixed KB3000853 both on Windows update and on download center, the KB article has also been updated to reflect the issue and resolution:

Known issues in this update

Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) backups might fail after you install update 3000853. This issue occurs because an incorrect version of hotfix 2996928 was included in KB3000853.
The KB3000853 update was re-released on November 25, 2014 to include the correct version of hotfix 2996928. If you have downloaded and installed a version of update 3000853 that is earlier than the November 25, 2014 version, you can obtain and install the revised update through Windows Update or by downloading the update from the Microsoft Download Center. Alternatively, you can install hotfix 2996928 separately.

Just to reiterate this issues only effected Windows Server 2012 systems.



11/24 – Update and Response To Comments

  • To our knowledge this issue only effects Windows Server 2012
  • While KB3000853 does include KB2996928, it has the wrong version of the update.  Hence installing the downloaded copy of KB2996928 (which includes the correct version of the binary) addresses the issue.
  • We are working to fix KB3000853 to include the correct content, re-test the update and then replace the broken version on Windows Update and DLC.



11/19 – Original Post

We are getting reports that some customers are seeing backup jobs fail after installing the latest Windows Updates including the November rollup ( 

We believe there is an issue with the KB3000853 update and are working to fix it as quickly as possible, in the interim downloading and applying should address the problem.

I do personally want to apologize for the inconvenience or stress this may have caused – as soon as I have more details I will update this post.




Comments (10)
  1. Evgeniy Lotosh says:

    Seems that this bug is affecting only OSEs where Windows Server Backup feature is enabled. No Windows Backup, no SQL Server Shadow Writer failures. Hope this helps.

  2. John Sebald says:

    Hi, what specific operating systems are affected?

    Windows Server 2012 R2 also?

  3. Paul says:

    Taylor, if I am reading this post correctly, you are saying the hotfix KB2996928 will fix the problem caused by KB3000853. Is this correct? I ask because hotfix KB2996928 *IS* installed with rollup KB8000853, and my backups (on ALL servers, even just a file server with no databases) were failing with KB8000853 installed (which included KB2992698). I might misunderstand something here – can you clarify?

  4. Anton Gostev says:

    Paul – I was puzzled about this as well yesterday. Rumors are that a wrong code was accidentally included in the Rollup Update (NOT the intended content of KB2992698 update), which is why installing KB2992698 still helps. I have not heard anyone from Microsoft to confirm or deny this rumor.

  5. psgrn says:

    Thanks Anton. I guess we will wait to see if MS can clarify here. Of all the updates in the KB8000853 rollup, I suspected KB2992698 to be the culprit. Though I admit I never tested by uninstalling just it – I just did away with the entire KB8000853.

  6. Luis at Unitrends says:

    Thank you for this very informative update. This will help me an my colleagues immensely in ensuring their backups are recoverable. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Luis Perez

  7. Elmar Lieb says:

    Windows Server 2012 R2 is definitely affected as well, where is the appropriate Hotfix??

  8. Elmar Lieb says:

    Maybe a clarification is necessary. Our host machines are all Windows Server 2012 _R2_, but the Guests vary from Linux, Windows 7SP1 over Server 2008 R2 an Server 2012 R2.

    Do i have to update the affected guests, so that the backup from the host works again for all VMs?

    Reagrds Elmar

  9. Paul says:

    Taylor – I thank you and your team's effort, and communication on this issue. Much appreciated.

  10. says:

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