Hey I’m Now A Program Manager…

I got a few notes about my signature line on my previous post ‘Program Manager, Hyper-V’… Yep I am now a program manager on the Hyper-V team – I moved over from the Hyper-V test team a few weeks ago and now work on Ben Armstrong’s (virtual pc guy) team.  I have spent almost my entire career in test, over 11 years including over nine years on the virtualization team, first on Virtual PC then Virtual Server and most recently on Hyper-V.  I loved being a tester and the Hyper-V test team is among the best in the industry in my opinion but it was time for a new challenge.  Microsoft is an amazing company to work for with excellent managers that enabled me for many years to walk a line between the roles and responsibilities of a tester and those of a PM and over the past few years I’ve deviated further and further toward the PM side so this was a pretty natural move to make.  There aren’t many companies that allow you to craft your own role and facilitate your growth in that role for years, Microsoft is an amazing company to work for…


-Taylor Brown
-Program Manager, Hyper-V

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  1. Aidan Finn says:

    Congrats on the move, Taylor!  Look forward to bashing your ears over the coming months & years 😉

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